Thursday ,18 Jul 2019
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  • Kuala LumpurThe hub of modernity and urbanisation. Enjoy the crisp shopping opportunities for both traditional and modern commodities in malls.
  • PenangThe hub of modernity and urbanisation. Enjoy the crisp shopping opportunities for both traditional and modern commodities in malls.
  • LangkawiThe mythical island of Langkawi is shrouded in ancient legends and stories. To top it off, the island is one of Malaysia’s few duty-free shopping zones!
  • MalaccaThe historical journey begins in Malacca, where the first Sultans were established and colonial powers left their imprint on the country.
  • KuantanMalaysia’s tropical refuge on the east side is blessed with sun-kissed beaches, warm seas and coconut.
  • full width sliderSabah at the North Eastern tip of Borneo is the gateway to fascinating cultures, beautiful scenery and magical islands.
  • SarawakWith a large range of expansive rainforests and countless raging rivers, Sarawak is a powerful force of nature in the minds and eyes of visitors.
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  • JohorJohor was known in its early days as ‘Ujong Tanah’ meaning Land’s End. The present name Johor comes from an adaptation of the Arabic word ‘Jauhar’ which means jewel.
  • KedahThe state of Kedah is the most ancient in Malaysia with records dating back to the 5th Century. It was once a prosperous centre for traders in the early days, especially those from India and China.
  • KelantanThe Kelantanese have preserved their customs, traditions and cultures well over the years. Some of their most memorable activities are flying giant ‘Wau’ kites and playing ‘Gasing’.
  • Negeri SembilanNegeri Sembilan literally means "nine states". This is because it really did consist of nine, not states, but separate districts.
  • PerakThe state of Perak is Peninsular Malaysia’s second largest at 21 sq. km wide. The name ‘Perak’, which means silver, was gleaned from the glittering tin ore found in abundance.
  • PerlisPerlis briefly reverted to Siamese rule during the war before being handed over to the British and then finally becoming part of Malaysia on Independence Day.
  • carousel sliderTerengganu overlooks the South China Sea on the east side of Malaysia. A charming holiday destination, Terengganu has a stretch of beautiful beaches and even more spectacular islands.
  • Port DicksonPort Dickson has always been a perennial attraction for locals in need of a convenient holiday spot. Fondly referred to as ‘PD’, this quiet coastal town is located just 32 km away from Seremban and 80 km away from Kuala Lumpur.
Johor1 Kedah2 Kelantan3 Negeri Sembilan4 Perak5 Perlis6 Terengganu7 Port Dickson8
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